The Chosen

The Chosen are the 7 Sar saved from annihilation by Saran himself. They were the best representation of traits of humanity as Saran say them. The each represent a cardinal sin, as Saran did not think highly of the lazy humans.

Saran, being a higher deity, cannot manifest within the material plane, thus relies on these 7 to be his trust spies and lieutenants. The report to him and carry out his will with much freedom to do as they please. Some Chosen have even strayed far from their father, not reporting to him in hundreds of years. Saran hasnt seemed to mind as long as they are working from the Pantheon’s greater good.

They Chosen, even though being beings of chaos and battle, have a code of conduct in which they conduct themselves. This may vary from Chosen to Chosen, but there are a few rules that remain constant.

Mortals are inferior, we shall never wage war on an inferior opponent. But must allow them to wage war on each other as it strengthens a race.

Never attack or betray your brothers and sisters. They are your life’s blood and share your path.

Never reveal your true nature to any mortal, unless they reveal it to themselves.

Never show fear, remorse or weakness.

All chosen wear disguises and glamours to prevent their true forms from being seen. The Chosen will not reveal their true form to anyone but each other and mortals that have the very rare gift of knowing who they are.

The Chosen have changed over there millennia that they have been alive. Growing in power and in form as they adapt to their roles and state of being.

Greed: An 8 foot tall mass of shadow who can rip a soul from existence. Which each soul he gains in power. He wears many faces and shapes, but none more terrifying that the blackest black of his true form.

Wrath: A 9 foot tall woman with large bestial horns protruding from the sides of her head. She fights with the ferocity of thousand fires and knows no equal in might. She was once the leader of the Sar armies.

Gluttony: A short, round man with putrid puss filled sores from the skin lesions as his flesh is torn from expansion. The skins is riddled with staples and chains utilized to to keep the skin attached like a sack ready to burst. Underneath the skin wriggles and torques as if alive with millions of bugs. His face is an eyeless maw with the grotesque misshapen teeth and two dd misshapen horns protrude his head.

Lust: A tall woman, hairless with two sets of horns jutting from the top of her forehead back. Her body resembles a naked woman with the exception of chitin like armor on her legs. From her back extends for spider like arms that terminate in violently sharp points.

Sloth: A writhing mass of tentacles with a male body perched atop. Standing at about 10ft when extending, he moves deliberately and with persons, albeit not swiftly. The tentacles can harden and shape into whatever he wills it. He has been known to grow and shrink as needed.

Envy: A young man with pale skin. Blind and deaf it relies on the other sense to move around, and it can use these senses with great aptitude. He appears as cloaked man with pale white skin, out of the cloak extends many arms. He has horns out the top of his head however they float and rotate.

Pride: Previously was described as a dashing blond man with 3 sets of wings from his back and constantly produced a glorious light. Currently unknown, but allegedly caught and turned over to the God Helios and his Pantheon who are in direct competition to the goals of Saran and Tempus

The legends say that Tempus found out about the 7 remaining Sar and executed them himself.
However it needs to be said that The Chosen are extremely dangerous and potential world threatening if they still exist at all.

The Chosen

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