The Sar

The Sar are what look like a wild war crazed humans, though in fact that is only during battle…The Sar were made when Saran peed into some sand turning it to clay, feeling creative, he shaped the clay into statues of warriors. He then at Gaia breath life into them, and thus The Sar where made.

The Sar rampaged through the world and created an age known as the Red Age. So much blood was spilled Tempus had to intervene. He ordered Saran to kill The Sar or be banished to the beyond.

He killed the entire race except for 7 who embodied humans the most. These became known as The Chosen. Saran gave them all immortality and the abilities to grow in strength as time went on.

The Sar were a divided species with some standing well over 8 feet tall and built for war, while some were diminutive yet so agile some could outrun arrows. As Sar fought they grew more powerful and being direct descendants of a god this meant unimaginable powers.

Some Sar were said to be able to travel planes just by thinking about, other could rips souls from the enemies and sustain life upon them.

Either way the world is safer with out the Sar, humanity has forgotten these times, and only the oldest mer can recall a the Red Age.

Below is the best repsentation of Female Sar of Battle

The Sar

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