A wry Pirate with a knack for getting into a mess.


Jiub has an addiction to chaos. He is always in motion. He has been a sea captain for hire for many years now, but never seems to keep a job more than one trip. His clients can’t say anything bad about his abilities however.

He is blur on the battlefield, swords moving like light and feet dancing with the grace on a feather.

He stands average height with a non discript build. Long blond hair and a sullen smirk on his cheek. His brilliant blue eyes are outshines by his naturally gruff male beauty. He looks as if he is always on the verge of saying something but can’t quiet get it out.



Jiub’s past is known mostly to know himself. Hoever some of his deeds betray his violent past.

Earliest records or tales have him as a violent sea raider who lead groups of orks at sea to different coastal cities to raid and pillage. He is wanted in Crag Annoth for this

He is known to be an avid gambler. Once winning and loosing an actual kings ransom in one night. He is wanted in the Kingdom of South Hill for this

He worked with Captain Duvall of the Duvall Cadre. They smuggled contraband into Helios. Duvall’s group was made and they abandoned the operation, Jiub was captured and spent time in a dungeon where he escaped by mysterious means. He is wanted dead in the Empire of Helios for this.


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